Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tumut pulp mill expansion gets planning green light

Tumut pulp mill expansion gets planning green light

Planning approval has been given for the $450 million expansion of a pulp and paper mill at Tumut, in southern New South Wales, but there is still doubt about the project because local roads will need to be upgraded.

Visy plans to more than double the capacity of its mill is expected to create 900 jobs, 400 of them ongoing.

But a company spokesman, Tony Gray, says $24 million is needed to bring local roads up to scratch.

"The issue of roads and transport management is definitely one of the major stumbling blocks to definitely proceeding with the mill," he said.

"We have already put a lot of work into the traffic plan and we'll be attempting to minimise the number of truck movements wherever possible."

Tumut Mayor Gene Vanzella says he is also concerned about roads.

He says the expansion will put a lot of pressure on local resources.

"Last time when they built the stage one, accommodation was booked out as far as Wagga. There was buses coming in with guys from Wagga, Gundagai, Adelong, Batlow, Tumbarumba - even Talbingo was heavily booked," he said.

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